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5 S Principles – Quality Management (5SP 16)Applying Basic Business Skills Training (ABS 40)Behaviour Based Safety (BBS 08)Operate a Chainsaw (OCS16)Compulsory Statutory Insurance in SA (SISA 08)Conduct and Report on Safety and /or Audit Inspection (CRSA 16)Conflict Resolution (CR08)Customer Care and Communication Training (CCC08)Labour Relations Act (Act 66 of 1995) (LRA 24)Emotional Intelligence Leadership (EIL 08)Fall Protection Planner (FPP 08)Fall Protection Planner Rescue (FPR 08)Firewatch (FW 08)Flagman (FW 08)Fleet and Despatch Manger Training (FDM 16)Lockout and Tagout Procedures (LOTO 04)Hijacking Awareness (HAJ 04)Hand Tools & Machine Guarding (HTM 08)Rollover Truck Prevention (RTP 16)Root Cause Analysis (RCA 08)Selling Skills Training (SST 16)Self-Image & Motivation (SIM 04)Spillage Response (SR 08)Substance Abuse Management (SAM 08)Supervisory/Leadership (SSL16)Task Observation Manager (TO 08)Time Management (TM 08)

OHSE Executive Legal LiabilityOHSE Executive Legal Liability SeminarWorking at HeightsSafe Stacking and StorageScaffolding Erecting and DismantlingScaffolding InspectorIncident InvestigationHazard Identification and Risk AssessmentSafety Management (Supervisor)Safety Representative – BasicConduct Workplace Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) inspectionsOHS & Regulations (Safety Induction)Work in confined spaces and lockout proceduresLadder SafetyHIV/Aids AwarenessEmergency PreparednessFire Fighting BasicFirst Aid Level 1First Aid Level 2First Aid Level 3First Aid Refresher (Level 1)Dangerous Goods TransportDangerous Goods Transport RefresherDangerous Goods HandlingDangerous Goods Handling RefresherChemical/Dangerous Goods AwarenessCounterbalance Lift Truck / Forklift Novice Public CourseCounterbalance Lift Truck / Forklift NoviceCounterbalance Lift Truck / Forklift Re-License Public CourseCounterbalance Lift Truck / Forklift Re-LicenseReach Truck NoviceReach Truck Re-LicenseOrder Picker NoviceOrder Picker Re-LicensePedestrian Controlled Stacker NovicePedestrian Controlled Stacker Re-LicensePower Pallet NovicePower Pallet Re-LicenseTurret Truck NoviceTurret Truck Re-LicenceOverhead Gantry Crane NoviceOverhead Gantry Crane Re-LicenseCab Controlled Overhead Crane NoviceCab Controlled Overhead Crane Re-LicenseCherry Picker NoviceCherry Picker Re-LicenseHydraulic Scissor Jack (MEWP) NoviceHydraulic Scissor Jack (MEWP) Re-LicenseTruck Mounted Crane NoviceTruck Mounted Crane Re-License