Why SRG?

Why SRG?

Passion To Make A Difference
• Resident in our management team are qualified persons who are passionate leaders, having many years’ experience in people management and development.
• Experience in the development of SME business skills over a wide spectrum of industries.
• Our commitment to impacting positively on our communities by providing opportunity for upliftment and employment.

Passion To Uphold High Standards
• Our offices are housed in the training centres of our sister divisions, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, SAFETY & DRIVEN MACHINERY TRAINING, giving us direct access to training facilities and safety expertise.
• We access the following training programmes when applicable: life skills, personal finance, basic business skills, supervisor, safety awareness, first aid, firefighting, safety rep, forklift/crane operators, drivers, incident investigation and dangerous goods transportation / handling, and many more.
• Access to accredited training programs allows us to train new recruits and employees to meet our high standards and the client’s employment standards regarding workplace legislation.
• Ability to tailor make training interventions to meet client’s specific needs.
• Internal training facilities and other equipment is available to ensure comprehensive assessments in line with our commitment to standards and upliftment.

Passion To Meet Legislative Requirements
• Our registration with the Department of Labour and the South African Revenue Services ensures peace of mind.
• Our compliance to the Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Skills Development Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act and the Compensation for Occupational Injuries & Diseases Act allows for all your outsourced staffing and payroll legislative matters to be taken care of by SKILLS.

Passion To Be Flexible & Responsive
• Our experience within a cross-field of economic sectors has enabled us to develop a depth and ability to tailor interventions for most applications.
• Available 24 hours a day / 7 day a week.

Our Code Of Ethics & Business Conduct
SKILLS believe that ethical conduct requires more than compliance with the laws, rules and regulations that govern our business. We are a company that values teamwork, sets team goals and embraces diversity and shares leadership. We acknowledge our people to be our most valuable asset.
As an organization we are deeply committed to excellence and pursue superior performance in every activity. We are sensitive to the diverse social and cultural ethos at all our localities throughout South Africa.

Our Quality Statement
SKILLS endeavours to provide our clients with quality services in the supply and comanagement of staff, including supervision & site management, HR, IR, payroll, safety management and training. We constantly strive towards never ending improvement, skills development, a safe working environment and the prevention of errors, while optimizing cost effectiveness.

Access to accredited inhouse training programs allows us to train employees to meet our, and your, high employment standards, ensuring proper commitment to quality, motivation and upliftment.

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