The Forest That is Health & Safety

The Forest that is Health and Safety

Health & Safety in the workplace, ah, that saying that could bring shivers down your spine, yet making you show the thumbs up and a wink to the person that mentioned it.
Let’s be honest, as South Africans, who are they to tell us about health & safety? We cook our meat over open flames, dodge taxis in traffic as if we were driving stock cars around a race car track, and face fearless striking workers on a monthly basis.
We’ve always been pretty capable of amazing things! One could just take a step back and look at our history to see the proof of that!

Our Mission

SKILLS Resource Group is staffed with skilled and motivated staff that pride themselves in creating opportunities through Staffing, Training, Safety and Payroll solutions, providing affordable and effective compliance for our valued clients.

Our Vision

SKILLS Resource Group aims to become a leading national brand through service excellence, creating long standing relations with our staff and clients.

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